Fagioli Pasta



°Ground beef; I used about 900 grams.
°225 grams. Of pasta.
°A medium onion, I finely chopped it.
°3 medium carrots, chopped.
°4 celery stalks chopped.
°2 large cans. Diced tomatoes, you don’t need to drain them.
°1 medium box. Kidney beans, and another canned. White beans, I drained and rinsed them, I used the 16 oz cans.
°3 cans. Of beef broth, size 10 oz.
°3 teaspoons. Oregano.
°2 teaspoons. Of pepper.
°5 teaspoons. Of parsley.,
°1 teaspoon. Tabasco sauce, if desired.
°1 jar. From spaghetti sauce, the largest size.
Step 1: The first thing I started with was browning the beef and draining the fat before adding it to the slow cooker with the rest of the ingredients except the pasta.
Step 2: Then I cooked on low for 7-8 hours or on high for 4-5 hours until done, when I was so busy I preferred to let it cook all during the day, the taste was dangerously delicious 

Step 3: Finally, 30 minutes before serving I added the pasta, once I checked and found the bottom tender I served with crispy hot bread!!!
Enjoy !