What to do with expired milk – 5 ideas

Sour or spoiled? Here is the main question to be answered before preparing dishes with sour milk. As you know, when fermenting, the drink is separated into whey and a white clot, from which homemade cheese or cottage cheese is obtained. We tell you why expired milk is still useful and in what cases it should not be used for food.

Which product is harmful

The contents of an expired pasteurized milk bag can be of poor quality and even harmful. The fact is that the animal product is able to turn sour for two reasons: firstly, in a natural way, and in this case it is suitable for preparing various dishes. Secondly, it can change the properties under the influence of unsafe bacteria that have entered the liquid from the outside.

Pasteurization is the processing of raw materials in which lactic acid bacteria, usually responsible for souring, are killed.

Let’s try to find the answer to the question: is it possible to cook from expired milk. The main distinguishing features of a sour product that cannot be used for further cooking of any dishes:

  • bad smell;
  • bitter taste;
  • strange color.

If the milk has just begun to turn sour, it may still be suitable for cooked dishes.

1. Pancakes

To “save” the sour product, you will need chicken eggs, wheat flour, a little vegetable oil, salt and sugar. Mix the ingredients and bake ruddy pancakes.

2. Fritters

Yeast is useful for preparing dough according to one of the recipes – you can “wake them up” in a bowl of sour milk heated in a water bath. Do not forget about sugar – it is important for the vital activity of yeast.

We add flour, butter and eggs to the finished dough, leaving it to come up again. We bake pancakes in a well-heated frying pan with a thick bottom.

Fluffy pancakes can also be made without the use of yeast.

3. Homemade cheese

In the milk that is still suitable for further use, add the egg mixture with salt and, if desired, dry paprika. We heat the resulting mass at a low temperature. When it begins to curl, curd flakes will form in the saucepan. Remove from heat and follow the instructions in the photo.

4. Cookies

Semolina and flour, chicken eggs, butter, soda, sugar, salt – using a product that requires disposal, you can bake simple cookies.

How to knead the dough and at what temperature to send the dessert to the oven, read the step-by-step description.

5. Waffles

Condensed milk, honey, jam, or sour cream can be used as a tasty addition to “sour milk” wafers. Other necessary ingredients for thick dough include eggs and flour, soda and baking powder, butter, sugar, and salt. In a word, products can be found in any kitchen.