5 delicious lavash roll recipes

The variety of fillings for rolls allows you to diversify the diet. We have selected the most delicious combinations of ingredients that can be wrapped in pita bread.

1. With crab sticks

An excellent light snack will turn out with crab sticks filling because their calorie content is only 73 kcal per 100 g. The product goes well with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, canned corn and herbs. For juiciness, you can smear pita bread with curd cheese, as one of our recipes with a photo recommends.

2. With chicken

In this recipe for the filling, you will need a high-calorie ingredient: meat, ham, smoked ham, oily fish, liver, mushrooms, eggs, hard cheese. They can be combined with each other, supplemented with vegetables and herbs. It will be delicious if you smear pita bread with sauce, such as mayonnaise, pesto, ketchup or tkemali. When choosing a seasoning, consider compatibility with the main products. Try a recipe that combines smoked chicken breast and cheese.

3. With ham and Korean carrots

A suitable solution for those who love spicy. In fact, any meat, vegetable, or fish ingredient will turn out spicy if you add spices. But you can immediately take our recipe with traditional ingredients of Asian cuisine. Here, for example, is a delicious version with Korean carrots.

4. With cottage cheese and fruit

Good dessert or breakfast for pie lovers. The dish is ideal if you have very little time or do not want to mess with the dough. Lubricate pita bread with cottage cheese, soft cream cheese, jam, marmalade or chocolate paste. Lay out thin slices of fruit or small berries. Roll up the blank and put it in the refrigerator to harden.

5. With fish

A festive lunch or dinner is an excellent occasion to serve a roll with a special filling: red caviar, meat or fish delicacies, tiger prawns, aged cheese. One of the most successful combinations is slightly salted salmon and cream cheese. Also, fish can be supplemented with red caviar.

4 secrets of making delicious pita rolls for the holiday table

  • Take a thin Armenian lavash, a lush Georgian one is not easy to roll up.
  • Cut the filling ingredients into small cubes or straws. Hard pieces can tear the dough. The easiest way to work with soft products, such as pates.
  • Do not fill the entire sheet of pita bread with stuffing. Free edges should be left around the entire perimeter with a width of two to three centimeters. So the filling will not fall out when folding the workpiece.
  • Cut the chilled roll, then portioned pieces will turn out neat and even. If you plan to serve the dish hot, warm it up a little in the microwave.