3 Delicious Tuna Salads

Tuna tastes more like chicken fillet than fish. In its natural environment, this marine predator is constantly moving, reaching speeds of over 70 km per hour. Hence the well-developed muscles that affect the taste. For the preparation of salads, canned food is often taken, but other options are possible. We offer 3 interesting recipes.

1. Vitamin

Tuna is a dietary product, that contains vitamins A, E, and D, many minerals, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. Canned in its own juice, it retains all the nutrients. A good option for the menu at PP. If you combine this fish with fresh vegetables and herbs, you get a wonderful salad:

  • easy for digestion, but quite satisfying;
  • with a lot of fiber, protein, vitamins;
  • delicious thanks to the harmonious combination of products.

Vegetables are different. As a basis, you can take a simple recipe with tomato, cucumber, salad greens and lemon juice. Keep the proportions of the products and fantasize, for example, add avocado or pomegranate.

Interesting fact

15 varieties of tuna fish are known. They differ significantly in size and weight. The smallest tuna is mackerel, it weighs less than 2 kg, reaches a length of about 50 cm. The largest is ordinary, grows up to 4.6 m with a bodyweight of about 700 kg.

2. Warm

In the cold season, the best salad with tuna is warm. It resembles the famous delicious Nicoise and allows for culinary experiments. Cooking such dishes is always interesting. For example, fish fillets and vegetables must be fried in vegetable oil, preferably olive oil. However, there are two ways to cook tuna:

  • raw fillet cut into cubes and fry;
  • fry the fillet whole, and then cut into thin slices.

The main thing is to serve the dish just warm, then it perfectly reveals the harmony of the products.

We have a proven simple recipe. Based on it, it is easy to experiment with additional ingredients. For example, put in a salad not only green beans but also ordinary ones, add an egg, potatoes or mushrooms.

Interesting factTuna meat has a non-uniform color – dark and light shades alternate. What is darker, more loose and watery, less greasy, contains more iron. Light is better in texture and taste.

3. Festive

Before the holiday, it is worth spending a little more time in the kitchen than usual to prepare a delicious and spectacular restaurant-level salad. Although even for such a dish, if there is a good step-by-step photo recipe, it takes 15-20 minutes.

Bright, truly festive looks appetizer of tuna in its own juice and vegetables. The contrasting colors of the products give it an elegant look: green cucumbers and lettuce leaves, red tomatoes, black olives, white-yellow slices of eggs.

With this dish, again, it is useful to experiment. For example, replace white onions with red, add shrimp or chopped bell peppers. It will turn out delicious.

Interesting fact

In January 2019, at auction in Japan, tuna fish set a price record – a carcass weighing 278 kg was sold for 3 million 100 thousand dollars.

What can be done?

Prepare a delicious salad in different ways. So you can check which tuna in the dish is the most successful: canned, fried, or boiled fillet. Or find out how good the mix of ingredients is when replacing vegetables with fruits or classic mayonnaise with an original dressing with lime juice.