Toast Ideas

Toast is perhaps one of the most democratic dishes in the world. Toasts can be made from any kind of bread, sweet and hearty, meat, fish, vegetarian – combine a variety of products. Read our collection of toast ideas.

How to combine products for toast?

Maintain a balance of salty, sweet and sour. Here are some examples:

  • Pear goes great with salty gorgonzola, honey can be added on top,
  • Sweet brioche goes well with salted fish, and lemon juice, capers or olives add sourness,
  • Berries go well with sweet bread spread with slightly salty ricotta,
  • You can make toast even with sour and spicy kimchi, balancing it with a neutral egg or fatty pork.

The number of combinations of sour, salty and sweet is limited only by your imagination.

1. Toast with ham

Such toasts are made in France, where they are known as “Croque-monsieurs” and are served in cafes and bars as an appetizer. If you put fried eggs on hot toast, you get “Croque madam”.

2. Leek toast

An unusual but very tasty combination. Leek has a more delicate taste than regular onion. The filling from it turns out to be tender, creamy and completely without bitterness. These hearty toasts are the perfect start to the day or a hearty snack.

3. Shrimp toast

This dish was invented by restaurateur Thure Wretman in 1950. Shrimp laid out on warm bread, the Swedes liked it. The appetizer has gained worldwide popularity. In the classic recipe, shrimp were seasoned with dill mayonnaise, and red caviar was garnished on top of the toast. The modern dish is prepared in different ways: leeks, curd cheese, Dijon mustard, lemon juice are added to Skagen, and even shrimp are replaced with crab sticks.

4. Sweet toast

Another French dish. Although the French prefers to call toasted slices of bread croutons. Hot toast can be spread with any topping. Whipped cream, custard, jam, grated chocolate, and even ice cream will do. Once on the hot bread, it will begin to melt, turning into a delicate sauce.

5. Pizza toast

If you miss pizza, but you don’t want to order it for breakfast, make toast with tomato paste and mozzarella. As with pizza, in addition to the basic ingredients, you can add any toppings to your taste: basil, olives, ham, or mushrooms. Experiment!

6. Toast with Borodino bread

Borodino bread is one of the hallmarks of Russian cuisine. Fragrant, sweetish-spicy bread goes well with both meat fillings and vegetables. In addition, this bread is healthier than wheat bread and is suitable for dietary nutrition. We offer you an unusual recipe for toasts on Borodino bread with egg salad and redfish.

7. Toast in a slow cooker

Just because you don’t have a toaster or oven doesn’t mean you can’t make great toast. Pieces of bread can be toasted even in a slow cooker! Read the recipe for how to do it right.

8. Toast with chickpeas

This spicy filling recipe is suitable for vegetarians and fasting people. Chickpeas are a very nutritious product, containing about 20-30% protein and 50-60% slow carbohydrates. Chickpea toast is easy to make and keeps you feeling full for a long time.


If you don’t want to soak chickpeas all night and then cook for a long time, you can use already prepared canned chickpeas.

What can be done?

You can make any toast healthier by using rye bread. The best choice is whole-grain varieties. Often they add various seeds and nuts. If this bread does not seem very tasty to you, try warming it up. So it will become softer and more fragrant.