3 salads with Beijing cabbage – Delicious combinations for weekdays and holidays

Some people are sure that a delicious salad can only be made from gourmet foods. But even an affordable vegetable is capable of amazing culinary combinations worthy of the main menu. Such is Beijing cabbage, it is also Chinese. We made with her the top three dishes. Try it – it’s delicious.

1. With shrimp and fruit

A delicious Beijing cabbage salad is obtained with seafood and fruits due to the richness of well-tangible shades:

  • sweet and sour notes give pineapple and pomegranate seeds;
  • creamy – sour cream;
  • savory – olive oil, lemon juice, mustard.

Tender-boiled shrimp meat goes well with this range. Cabbage leaves add juiciness. We have picked up a good step-by-step recipe. You can easily find frozen shrimp, canned pineapple, and other necessary products in the nearest supermarket. If desired, pomegranate can be replaced with corn, pineapple with fresh sweet and sour apples.

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2. With tuna, vegetables and eggs

Usually, at the plentiful festive table, there are guests who are afraid to overeat. Chinese cabbage is ideal for those who want to maintain or lose weight – the body spends significantly more calories to digest this vegetable than it receives. If you add other ingredients with a low energy value, you get a good diet salad. Petsai goes well with chicken fillet, but it is often used in everyday food, and for a holiday you want something unusual. Therefore, we propose to prepare a snack with tuna:

  • its taste is reminiscent of chicken breast fillet;
  • low-calorie fish – 101 kcal per 100 g.

Instead of fried tuna fillet, you can take canned food in its own juice. Cucumbers and onions add juiciness to the dish. The ingredients are laid out in layers and smeared with mayonnaise. It is better to make the sauce yourself because freshly prepared is more delicious. A simple recipe with step-by-step photos will help you not to make a mistake with the proportions and cooking technology. If you want the dish to look brighter, put cherry tomatoes cut in half on top of it – the tomatoes will fit into the overall flavor range.

3. With salmon and cheese

With slightly salted redfish, sandwiches are most often prepared, and in combination with vegetables, a very good salad is obtained – light and tasty. Cabbage is suitable for him and white, and red, and Beijing. However, it is petsay that gives a more delicate texture to the dish, due to its comparative softness. The spicy dressing is mixed with mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper, soy sauce. If you want to make it more unusual, replace mayonnaise with yogurt. For a harmonious texture, cut the products evenly. In this case, it is more appropriate to chop into thin strips, grate the cheese on a coarse grater. Instead of salmon, you can use any salmon fish.

What can be done?

Serve the salad in portions on fresh cabbage leaves. Good decor for such a dish is sprigs of dill, parsley, or basil, slices of lemon or lime. How do you like to eat petsai?